Rhonda Boehlert: $9.7 million wasted

May 16, 2013 

$9.7 million wasted

Regarding the May 16 article “Krzyzewski netted large sum in 2011”: Is Coach K worth all that? Really, when I have to struggle to help pay (not pay fully) for three kids to go to college this fall, and he gets $9.7 million?

Why and how did we get so far off course of what is really important? Where are our priorities? Isn’t it more important to give that money to students who would otherwise not be able to go to college? How much is too much? I think he and Duke should be ashamed of themselves. Yes he is an awesome coach and has lots of years of experience and wins under his belt, but really? $9.7 million?

I have lost my faith in our society that can accept this travesty. Allowing our future to be deeply in debt with massive student loans, or worse, not allowing some students to even get the chance to go to college so Coach K can have more money than 99 percent of these students will ever see, is just wrong, no matter how you want to “spin” it. The really sad thing is that this is happening at every university around our country. Something to think about.

Rhonda Boehlert


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