William Johnson: Permit process

May 16, 2013 

Permit process

Regarding the May 12 letter “How about gun ID?”: The North Carolina concealed handgun permit law requires an N.C. driver’s license be displayed together with the concealed handgun permit. The permit number is identical to the N.C. driver’s license number.

A mental health release form, LiveScan fingerprinting and original certificate of completion from a certified CCH training course adopted by the N.C. Criminal Justice Education Training Standards Commission are all required. Proof of U.S. citizenship, residence in the N.C. county in which you are permitted and being 21 or older are also required. You must appear in person with aforementioned documentation to the John H. Baker Jr. Public Safety Center in Raleigh and pay $100 for the permit and fingerprinting.

North Carolina concealed handgun permit holders invest education, time and money to obey the law and exercise our constitutional rights. There is no rational connection between the photo ID voter issue and obtaining a concealed handgun permit – except that the voting process is much, much more vulnerable to fraud. Counterintuitive indeed.

William Johnson


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