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Living Space: Use feng shui to choose comforter

Tribune Media ServicesMay 17, 2013 

Earth colors, from pale yellow all the way to ochre, help ground and anchor us, according to feng shui.


Color plays a pivotal role in feng shui, sometimes called the Chinese art of placement. A key concept is that each hue has an influence over aspects of our lives, ranging from our health and wealth to our success and ability to find business opportunities. In fact, all feng shui is related to wealth – the “wealth” of good health, the “wealth” of opportunity, the “wealth” of love and happy relationships.

You can use these guidelines when doing something as simple as selecting a comforter color so it has exactly the kind of feng shui “wealth” you seek.

When it comes to key influences in our lives, few are as important as the bedroom in feng shui, and in particular, sleep. The time we spend sleeping is so important to our lives that the colors we surround ourselves with have a profound influence over us. By selecting a comforter color based on its specific inspiration, we’ll have more impact on this particular area of our lives.

Color of money

In feng shui, the color green is related to business opportunity and earned income. Often green is preferred over the second income color of blue, but these two shades represent different aspects of wealth: generating and accumulated money. Starting with pale blue and ranging to black, these colors represent generating income and business opportunities. If this is what you’d like more of in your life, blue or black comforter colors are best for your bedroom.

When your finances are on the slim side, colors that represent accumulated wealth are what you want. Those hues range from mint to deep forest green, with a medium green shade as the prime color of amassed money. Target’s Room Essentials green Tulip comforter set is a great example of the type of green comforter that represents accumulated wealth.

Making a name

There’s another indirect route to wealth through your social status, family name or high profile. In feng shui, this is represented by the color red. Shades can run the range from shell pink to deep orchid. Still another way to success is through networking connections, travel and international contacts. In feng shui, these areas are represented by metallic shades, such as white, gold, gray and silver. Bed, Bath and Beyond’s Camille and J. Queen Contessa comforter sets feature the satiny silver and luminous gold shades associated with world travel and networking prowess (

Love and health

Even those who seem to have it all might be missing some of the most fulfilling aspects of life: love and happiness. When relationships are difficult and love is absent, the element of earth helps to ground and anchor us, according to feng shui. Shades of yellow, from buttercup to ochre, are the shades to choose. A stylish choice is the Trina Turk Ikat comforter set ( These shades also represent spirituality, education and making good decisions. For happy family relationships and good health, rich brown and cocoas create growth and harmony.


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