Vincent DiSandro: Ill-times cartoon

May 17, 2013 

Ill-timed cartoon

The N&O’s coverage of the Benghazi situation has been laughable. You continue to try to portray efforts by Republicans to get at the truth as political. Even the rest of the mainstream media have given up on this line. You are the only ones trying to sell this story. Your May 11 editorial cartoon trying to portray this investigation as a witch hunt, published the day after compelling testimony by three credible witnesses, was especially ill-timed.

It is obvious to anyone but the most committed left-wing ideologue that the Obama administration blew it. It ignored warning signs, turned down requests for increased security, didn’t send help when requested then lied to the American people about what happened and tried to bully people who wanted to tell the truth.

Vincent M. DiSandro Sr., Hillsborough

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