Steven Metzler: Benghazi blame

May 17, 2013 

Benghazi blame

The editorial cartoon that you chose to publish May 11 titled “Republicans struggle to coordinate their strategy for the Benghazi hearings” showed both arrogance and ignorance.

Rather than reacting to the terrorist attack on our embassy, which is sovereign U.S. territory, the Obama administration avoided the facts because we were only weeks away from the election and could not risk having to make a decision that would have shown how incapable a leader this president is.

They lied about the cause being an anti-Islamic video. If the White House reacted as it should have by having jets fly over and allowing the available, however small contingent of Spec Op Commandos to back up the forces in our compound, lives may have been saved.

Rather than taking a strong stand, Obama decided not to upset the Islamic community, proving that we are just a big bluff and no retaliation will be coming even after you murder Americans.

Hillary Clinton asked, “What difference does it make?”

Your cartoon tried to continue the lie by blowing a smokescreen around the facts. Blame this on the Republicans. Shame on you.

Steven Metzler, Raleigh

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