Eve Shy: McCrory fooled us

May 18, 2013 

McCrory fooled us

My condolences to the few remaining moderate N.C. Republicans and some Democrats who now know that Gov. Pat McCrory, with his moderate-sounding ideas while campaigning, had a very conservative agenda hidden in his own Trojan Horse.

Almost every day, The News & Observer publishes the governor’s and his conservative legislators’ plans to reduce state government services while reducing taxes for the wealthy. The May 8 gem: “Senate GOP outlines tax plan.” This latest proposal leaves less money for both working and middle class families while benefitting the wealthy. Higher sales tax on food and sales tax to pay on doctors’ bills makes it more difficult for families to pay for other essentials: housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, insurances and education.

What will be next on the governor’s and legislature’s agenda?

Eve Shy


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