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Sheon@SheonTheStylist.comMay 18, 2013 

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    • Photos by Juli Leonard

    • Clothes from Smitten (, 1105 W. Main St., Durham. 919-530-1000.

    • Shoes from Step (, 721 Broad St., Durham. 919-797-2683.

    • Manicure by Kim Snyder, hairstyling by Darlene Graca and makeup by Colette Tomasi, La Salon, 109 N. Salem St., Apex. 919-267-0869.

    Tired of your style? Send email to and explain why you need a style reboot.

Jacquie Kalberg, 52, a wife, mom of three boys and culinary instructor with Classy Kids Cook in Cary, came looking for a style infusion after struggling with her image. Diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2012, Kalberg underwent chemo and reconstructive surgery and struggled with weight gain. Now healthy, she has mixed feeling about her body shape and size. “My challenge is to learn how to purchase clothes that will look good on me,” she said in an email. I showed her how embracing color and body-conscious clothes can give her style and self-esteem a boost.

Before: Her husband hates these pants. A heavy polyester, they are rough to the touch and they don’t breathe, which makes them hot. Kalberg says her husband begs her to buy cotton and other natural fabrics that will feel and look better. Black is a fashion staple, but these pants look severe and don’t play well with brighter colors, like the salmon-orange in her tiered top. The square-heeled T-straps cut off her leg line, which is disastrous when you’re petite like Kalberg, who is 5 feet 2 inches tall, and trying to look taller.

Hair, makeup, manicure: Kalberg is growing out her hair after chemo took it, so she hadn’t cut it at all. The stylist at La Salon in Apex shaped her hair into a more flattering style, trimming strands at the nape to frame her face. Layering the top gives Kalberg more volume, adding style. La Salon’s makeup artist used foundation and moisturizer to even out her complexion. Blush adds flattering color to her cheeks, and smoky eye shadows bring out her chocolate-brown eye color. Lip color polishes everything off nicely. Kalberg had neglected her nails mainly because they “don’t look glamorous.” A manicure with deep red polish convinced her that short nails can look elegant.

After – Easy being green: Lime green ushers in the season beautifully. A ruched knit top ($45) by Compliments flatters Kalberg’s frame and creates a long line when worn with Miracle Body colored jeans ($110) in lime green. A patterned JW scarf ($79) ramps up the sophistication of the monochromatic look. The sunshine yellow Velia sandal ($119) keeps the bright color story going and adds precious inches to her silhouette. The green onyx and apatite earring ($89) adds a bit of texture, and the LaVie Parisienne cuff ($79) shows personality. Another bright pop from the LouenHide aqua purse ($69) finishes the look and adds function.

After – Well red: Kalberg loves this Laundry woven dress ($165) because it’s colorful, feels airy and flatters her. Though this bargain hunter considers the price a splurge, she’s sure she’d wear it enough to justify the cost. The Velia sandals ($119) return to add a contrasting pop of color. The Mudpie clutch ($39) in patriotic red, white and blue coordinates without looking matchy-matchy.

The reaction: Kudos to La Salon in Apex for giving Kalberg a free manicure, hairstyling and makeup session. Stylist Darlene Graca wants people to know she offers a free hairstyling session to any cancer survivor to help with recovery. Kalberg loved the pampering and admitted that it’s been a long time since she’s had so much attention paid to making her feel and look good. “It was such a unique experience,” she said. “I truly enjoyed shopping with you and got good fashion ideas from you.” She’s ready for a follow-up shopping trip.

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