Mary Ann McFarland: New level would save lives

May 21, 2013 

Life-saving level

Regarding the May 21 Road Worrier column “Is .05 level too low?” by Bruce Siceloff: Imagine having the powers to save a life and to save a family from heartbreaking loss.

Imagine having the ability to choose entertainment activities that carry a very low risk for hurting, maiming or killing people. We have both.

I’m with Police Lt. Tim Tomczak – prioritizing the protection of economic benefits and the pleasures of social drinking and driving instead of prioritizing the preservation of safety is an injustice to anyone on the road and to society as a whole.

Humanity has advanced enough to know that intellect is one of our greatest gifts. We have also advanced enough to measure when impairment of it puts others in harm’s way. Lowering the allowable blood-alcohol concentration to a level that protects innocent people is a no-brainer, except maybe for the impaired brain.

Mary Ann McFarland


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