John McKinney: Democratic leaders doom Detroit

May 21, 2013 

Dooming Detroit

Interesting to see the woes that Detroit is suffering in The N&O (“Detroit is broke; bankruptcy looms,” May 14 news article). You did forget a few things about this poor city’s problems.

In 1962, Detroit was the fifth-largest city in the U.S. with a vibrant manufacturing base. Since that time, it has dropped in population and is the butt of many jokes. The city may not have enough money to pay its retirees’ pensions, layoffs are looming for vital services and unemployment is rampant. So it really is a tale of doom and gloom.

Why is the year 1962 important? That was the last time it had a Republican mayor. Since then, successive Democratic mayors have given away, taxed away and made life so bad in Detroit that it is now 19th in size and probably the last place any sane person would want to move to.

It is a shame to see this happen to a one-time great city, but this is what long-term Democratic management will get you.

John McKinney


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