Leslie Rice: Pranksters deserve fate

May 21, 2013 

Pranksters deserve fate

I am usually in agreement with Barry Saunders’ commentaries. However, in reference to his May 21 column “On school pranks and punishment,” I have to disagree.

Assuming the facts are accurate as reported by Wake County Schools representative Renee McCoy, the entire student body was equally warned that no disruptive pranks would be tolerated. A small group of kids made a very conscious choice to disobey rules, for which they surely knew the consequences, and therefore must now be accountable for their actions. There were those who also made a conscious choice to abide by the rules, thereby allowing themselves the opportunity to complete the school year as intended.

Teachers and school administrators have a challenging enough time trying to teach our kids and help them develop into responsible, contributing adults; let’s don’t make their jobs more difficult by allowing such behavior to go unpunished and therefore negating what little bit of authority still remains.

Leslie Rice

Wake Forest

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