Don Prush: Obama not being open

May 23, 2013 

Unopen Obama

With all the major crises enveloping our nation during the second term of President Obama, his attempts to avoid discussing or admitting direct White House involvement have led me to believe this country is turning into a police state where fear, intimidation and secrecy are the norm.

Examples are Jay Carney’s, the president’s propaganda minister, constant denial about the involvement of both the White House and Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi tragedy ; the use of the IRS to deny Republican and certain religious groups tax exemptions prior to the 2012 elections while permitting progressive or socialist groups exemptions in less than 90 days; the Justice Department’s tapping the phone calls of hundreds of Associated Press journalists without limiting the number of journalists to specific individuals or advising the AP in advance; Attorney General Eric Holder ignoring congressional subpoenas and held in contempt of Congress four times for lack of cooperation; and forcing Obamacare on the nation.

We are told that the environment in which any organization conducts itself comes from the top. Apparently, lessons learned as a community organizer did not prepare the president to run an open administration.

Don Prush

Holly Springs

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