David Williamson: Moeser avoided trouble

May 23, 2013 

Lucky Moeser

Regarding the May 21 article “Ex-chancellor criticizes coverage of UNC scandal”: In retirement, former UNC chancellor James Moeser appears to have taken up cooking, but his efforts so far have fallen short. His view that reporters intentionally targeted UNC while covering the recent athletic/academic scandals is a malodorous soup of tripe, eyewash, horsefeathers, fudge, bull and bilge water.

The N&O employs some of the best reporters in the business. Both readers and the state are better off for it. Without tenacious news hawks, who can be counted on to bring to light the less admirable shenanigans of politicians, various administrators and celebrities, crooks and others?

In some countries, reporters t face prison or death just doing their jobs. Moeser was lucky not to have faced more scrutiny from the news media and ought to realize it. After all, it was on his watch that the worst of the recent fraudulence at UNC occurred.

As some practiced it, “The Carolina Way” was nothing more than cheating, followed by cover-ups. Let’s hope chancellor Holden Thorp’s many efforts of late bear fruit in preventing recurrences.

David Williamson


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