Christi Broadway: Legislature forsakes teachers

May 24, 2013 

Forsaking teachers

Why is it that North Carolina will not protect the ones who protect our greatest assets each and every day?

Over the last several days, our eyes have been glued to television coverage of the devastating tornado that ripped Oklahoma to shreds. One major story that has come from this tragedy is how educators used their own bodies to shield students. Pictures have surfaced of educators carrying students out of the rubble in their arms.

The Senate’s budget proposal cuts into the heart of public education. Millions in discretionary cuts are unacceptable, increased class sizes are harmful to the learning process and cutting classroom assistants is darn right insane.

The most horrific recommendation is the elimination of master’s and doctorate pay for educators. Educators are professionals! Never would you imagine not paying a doctor or an attorney for their graduate degrees. Treat educators the way they deserve to be treated – as professionals!

Christi Broadway


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