Fred L. Stahl: We are who we are

May 25, 2013 

Who we are

I read Ned Barnett’s May 19 column “The real scandal: gridlock” with great interest and largely agree with his conclusion that the direction of our nation is set or rejected by people who couldn’t win the vote but can hijack the process, resulting in a sequestered nation that is divided before the world, suspect of one another and small in our ambitions.

But I disagree when Barnett (and others lately) suggest “that’s not who we are.” Clearly, enough Americans knowingly elected representatives who are blatantly sworn to put a stranglehold on government, roll back decades of progress and stymie every proposal advanced by the current administration.

If beings from another planet just arrived and listened to the current political discourse, they would likely surmise that, indeed, this is who we are. I have to wonder if they’d be right.

Fred L. Stahl


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