Marcie Longo: Keep Jordan Lake clean

May 25, 2013 

Lake disaster

Jordan Lake is doomed if the General Assembly repeals pollution controls as proposed by Senate Bill 515 and pointed out by Stephen T. Smith, chairman of the N.C. Environmental Management Commission, in his May 19 Point of View piece “No clean-water fairy.”

N.C. lawmakers should take heed of drastic actions that will increasingly pollute the lake and cost Wake County residents. Shockingly, this bill passed the N.C. Senate.

This bill would extinguish any hope for the cleanup of Jordan Lake resulting from actions passed by the General Assembly in 2009. SB515 came out of nowhere and would essentially eliminate years of scientific study, negotiations and compromise to write and approve these rules. Most of the Jordan Lake protections have not even been implemented by the polluters upstream!

Now, lawmakers are willing to simply forget the thoughtful effort put into protecting one of N.C.’s most valuable and beautiful resources. As a Morrisville resident, I find the apparent lack of concern lawmakers exhibited regarding the safety standards for water my family drinks to be gravely unjust. For the sake of N.C. residents, I hope the House will oppose and speak out against SB 515.

Marcie Longo


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