Dennis Welch: Pollution will not stop

May 25, 2013 

Pollution will not stop

The N&O’s May 19 edition included some pieces with a common theme: Government is mostly bad; private enterprise is mostly good.

As the letter “Panama lessons” claimed, “while the United States controlled the Panama Canal, the same thing happened as with all government-run operations: It lost tons of money.” Does the writer remember what the big banks and Wall Street brokerage houses lost from Americans’ 401k’s and cost us in job losses and taxes?

On a different front, Stephen T. Smith’s Point of View piece “No clean-water fairy” exposed the folly of our simplistic General Assembly in Senate Bill 515, which would repeal upstream pollution controls for Jordan Lake and require further study of them despite the previous 10 years of study. Do lawmakers think that in the meantime ongoing pollution of the lake will stop? Or do they think the good fairy of private enterprise will solve the problem later? Or is SB 515 another door-opener for fracking? If the delay tactic of further study becomes law, then fracking can become entrenched. But so also can its irreparable effects.

Dennis Welch


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