Marvin Woll: Protect clean water

May 25, 2013 

Protect clean water

Thank you for your May 19 Point of View “No clean-water fairy.” It raised many good points why Senate Bill 515 should not be given any further consideration.

Of course we have a pretty good reason why this bill was proposed in the first place. All those builders and developers who would benefit from this bill make some pretty hefty contributions to some of the legislators who drafted and proposed this bill. They are not concerned whether the generations to come have clean water or not.

When you combine the problems SB 515 would create with the possibility of fracking in coming years then you are creating an even larger problem. Since fracking uses many toxic substances that could leak into Lake Jordan we could be ruining that lake as a source for drinking water.

Water is our most valuable commodity. It is far more important than new homes or shopping centers. For these reasons and many more SB 515 must be rejected by those who would protect our supplies of clean water.

Marvin Woll


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