Ferry fever?

June 2, 2013 

In the first season of the New York Mets, the crusty manager Casey Stengel supposedly said in disgust, “Can’t anybody here play this game?”

We know the lawmakers on Jones Street, Republican and Democrat, know how to play, but there must be too many signals coming in from the bench, with regard to legislation setting fees for North Carolina ferries.

You remember ferries. There was a lot of debate. The Department of Transportation was going to implement new roll rates. Then the decision was suspended, and it was said the legislature would take up the issue in 2014. Now it looks like conflicting plans (and objections from citizens) might throw the entire debate into confusion (as if it wasn’t already there). A House bill would eliminate all tolls. The Senate budget would require tolls on all seven ferries. DOT now collects tolls on three ferries and was scheduled to go to five. But that’s up in the air. Or under water.

Here’s a thought: forget ferry tolls. In legislating as in life, some things aren’t worth the aggravation.

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