Marketplace helps owners connect with government work

Staff writerJune 3, 2013 

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges attended Marketplace, a workshop to help small businesses identify contracting opportunities with federal, state and local governments, and asked local business owners what role government work plays in their business now and what role they would like it to play.

•  “The government is huge in our business. It’s 90 percent of our business,” said Denise Harrison, president of Bio-Green Services, a residuals land application company in Advance. Harrison said the company provides services for the city, county and state, but she attended Marketplace in an effort to get more federal contracts.

•  “Currently (government contracting) is 1 percent of my business,” said Nanci Appleman-Vassil, president and chief learning officer of APLS Group, a training and consulting firm in Raleigh. “I have partnered with local governments and some state agencies. ... My reason for coming to this is I think APLS Group is positioned to now have the capacity to introduce government as a more consistent client base.”

•  “I have been focused on grants, but the reason I came to this mainly was to make contacts with different agencies,” said Renee Lea-Currie, president of BriteBio, a biotechnology company in Research Triangle Park that provides human cell systems, reagents and contract services to research partners. “I want to be able to sell products and services to the government.”

•  “If I can make money at it, probably at least 50 percent or more because of our location, which is near Fort Bragg,” said Terry Wooten, president of Total Support Services, a company in Evergreen that provides mechanical maintenance support for the power plant and industrial industry.

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