Cary teen turns fashion into YouTube videos

CorrespondentJune 8, 2013 

Adrienne Hill, a student at Cary High, has about 15,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel, where she talks about fashion and makeup trends.


— Adrienne Hill, 16, just finished her sophomore year at Cary High School, and she has already turned her love of makeup and fashion into, essentially, her own business.

Adrienne’s YouTube channel, Seasonbeauty97, has nearly 15,000 subscribers and earns her a paycheck. She posts reviews of beauty products and tips for styling hair and applying makeup.

Q: How did you get started making YouTube videos?

When I was in seventh grade, I looked up something really simple, like how to put on mascara … I found all these YouTube videos and I thought, “This is really cool.”And then I thought, “I could do this.” I sat down in my bathroom with just a camera, and I started reviewing this lotion that I really liked and I thought people would want to know about. That got me started, and it got to the point that people were subscribing.

Q: What do you talk about?My videos are my way of expressing and sharing my style. I upload videos on what I bought at the mall and the trends I keep up with. I also show my outfits and products that I’ve been liking lately. I just uploaded a video on how I got my curly hair. I also have some videos on how to do eye shadow and that type of thing.

Q: How does the venture make money?

I have a contract with a business that reached out to me because I was recommended. I get paid by the number of views I get. I have a contract and I’m not allowed to say how much, but as a teenager, it’s as much as having a job.

My favorite times to make videos are during the holidays and back-to-school days because that’s when a lot of students are looking things up, about what the styles are and how people are doing makeup. My views significantly increase then.

Q: Do you have to be tech-savvy to do what you do?

I’m not that tech-savvy. I have a MacBook, and an editing system in there. I just cut apart the clips so it’s clean and runs smoothly. I take out the rambling and add music and effects I think people might like.

Q: What do your classmates think of this?

The majority think it’s pretty cool. I make money doing it, and I really enjoy it, so I’m not afraid to get teased about it and I’m not going to stop doing it because of something someone says.

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