Bill Dupere: Flatter is fairer

June 8, 2013 

Flatter is fairer

Regarding your June 2 editorial “Taxes and fairness”: There is a fundamental flaw in your argument. Who gets to define what is fair? The “problem,” you say, is “that income-wise everybody is not the same. A truly fair tax code recognizes the difference between those that are struggling and the well-off and has those with more pay more.” Interesting point of view shared by President Obama.

A truly fair code would acknowledge our Declaration of Independence in that there is no difference between any individual. In fact, the authors called this belief self-evident. Your argument fails to accept this basic precept. Instead, your view finds it acceptable to stratify and discriminate individuals based on income. A flat tax rate would not discriminate based on income.

Furthermore, your position fails to acknowledge that those with more would still pay more. A flat tax rate would favor meritocracy over your brand of progressive socialism . I suspect that is your real problem with a flat tax rate. It treats everybody the same irrespective of income, and it bothers you that some people have earned the right to earn more.

Or perhaps you oppose it simply because the flat tax rate is proposed by Republicans?

Bill Dupere, Raleigh

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