The planet parade

June 8, 2013 

As dusk brings on the that final purple light, look for a place with an unobstructed view to where the sun just descended. If the sky is clear, you’ll witness a striking and uncommon event: a vertical line of four of our neighboring planets on display just above the horizon.

Mercury, the fleet-footed messenger for the gods, naturally will be in the lead, appearing the highest of the four as the sun’s final glow fades.

Venus, representing the goddess of love and the most beautiful of all, appears as both the brightest and lowest of this string of heaven’s pearls. The red warrior Mars is in the line along with jumbo Jupiter, which is destined to disappear behind the sun by mid-month.

The planets align as sun, leaf and flower gather to pay homage to the renewal of living forms, from the toad in the garden to the June bugs and moths beating against the porch lamp and the swallow-tailed butterfly flitting through the afternoon arrayed with all the rainbow colors nature can dream up.

The days grow longer with each turn of the calendar’s page. The nightly hours are being squeezed by those sweet moments of sunlight laden with life. What could be as welcome as these tender, fresh days that come with June and all of nature’s orchestra now in full tune?

The delights of the season cannot be measured by any single moment, but the appearance of the planets in a heavenly conga line of giddy gods seems an apt reflection of our earthly joy.

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