Will new uniforms provide inspiration for Hurricanes?

June 9, 2013 

Now we here in the heart of hockey country, ‘Canes country, will be the first to acknowledge that professional hockey uniforms are not exactly the most flattering sartorial garb in sport. But by golly, who doesn’t feel better in a new set of clothes, perhaps walk with a bouncy step, feel more confident, enjoy the admiring looks of passersby?

After a tough season, the Carolina Hurricanes have unveiled their new head-to-toe designs for uniforms. As best we can determine, not being fashionistas, as they call ‘em, the new sweaters and pants and gloves and all will feature a little more red, and have a more streamlined design. That ought to please in particular the N.C. State fans who have wanted a little more red on the scene ever since what’s now called the PNC arena opened. Wolfpackers wanted the arena’s colors to advertise their team, and the Hurricanes obliged with red and black and silver.

The new uniforms are a little easier on the eyes, simpler in some ways, very classy, a little “out there” in the traditional hockey fashion sense. All that red will look good next season contrasted with the silver in the Stanley Cup.

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