Craig Miller: No classroom politics

June 11, 2013 

Punt the politics

In response to Dan Forest’s comments regarding education (“Forest no fan of Common Core,” June 5): I have a novel idea. Why don’t we allow educators to take the lead in educating our children?

Forest seems to think that legislators know more about education than do educators, and he also seems to think that Glenn Beck knows more than educators.

I know many educators and find them wonderfully dedicated to the children in their classrooms, and they are hard-working, caring men and women. They know their students and know the needs of those students, and to have someone without that knowledge – say, a lieutenant governor – suggest that he knows more about what is taking place in the classroom makes no sense.

If the focus is supposed to be on the education of the young people in the state, then let the educators do what they know how to do, and please, please stop turning education into a political battle. It’s not about politics.

Craig Miller, Raleigh

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