Jennifer Russell: Core will advance students

June 11, 2013 

Standards we need

After reading the June 5 article “Forest no fan of Common Core” and watching the video referenced in the article, I was disturbed that we are letting politics infiltrate our public education again. Much of Lt. Gov. Dan Forest’s concerns for the Common Core are politically and financially driven and have little to do with the actual education of our children.

Being a lifelong educator and a professor of education, I have studied the Core for three years. These standards are meant to provide a common language for teachers to prepare our children to be college and career ready. These standards will do that; they will force teachers to teach our children to be thinkers and problem-solvers, not just students who regurgitate information. These standards are designed to develop the 21st century learner.

I wonder if Forest has read the standards and compared them to what North Carolina was using before. The Common Core is far superior to past standards. The previous standards focused on low-level, factual knowledge that rarely challenged students to think deeply. When are we going to stop letting politics drive our educational system?

Jennifer Russell, Clayton

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