Lisa Carley-Baxter: Keep Wright School open

June 11, 2013 

Invaluable school

The N.C. Senate recently recommended closing Wright School, a highly reputable state resource that uses zero Medicaid dollars.

Closing Wright School would be a real travesty for our state. Wright School provides an invaluable and cost-effective resource to N.C. families with kids with severe emotional, behavioral and learning difficulties whose needs cannot be met in their communities. It is far cheaper than hospitalization and provides both the child and the family with tools to keep the family together and functioning in the community.

We know many families who have benefitted. Parents of children who attend the school have often used every available resource, and yet their children need more help. Wright School serves families from all over N.C. and is the only non-acute care state-operated facility that provides residential treatment for school-age children with severe behavior problems.

For many families, the school is the only lifeline they have found to help them. Wright School makes a measureable difference in the lives of N.C. families, as evidenced in a 2006 study from Duke University. Please support this program and continue to give children, families and communities across our state hope for the future.

Lisa Carley-Baxter, Durham

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