Ann T. Berry: McCrory’s ‘hogwash’

June 13, 2013 

McCrory’s ‘hogwash’

I’m still rubbing my eyes. Did Pat McCrory really call the “Moral Monday” protests downtown the work of “outsiders”? Is this 2013 or is it maybe 1965?

Maybe the governor isn’t old enough to remember (I am), but surely he has read how, back in the civil rights days, every old-line white supremacist in North Carolina always, always blamed the ever-rising tide of protest and the ever-louder calls for justice on “outside agitators.” The Klan loved that phrase. So did Jesse Helms. The day Jack Kennedy was shot in Dallas, I remember a neighbor solemnly telling me that, too, was “outside agitators” at work.

Blaming “outsiders” was and is hogwash. This state’s people know injustice when they see it. Right now, they see this General Assembly and this governor taking this state on a giant-stepping, quick march to the rear. And the bottom. That is the why of “Moral Mondays.”

North Carolinians have learned from history that we can either go ahead or backward, but we can’t, so to speak, stand pat. We refuse the second option and the third.

Ann T. Berry


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