Carolyn Davis: First Turkey, now N.C.

June 13, 2013 

Turkey to N.C.

It seems that the residents of Istanbul, Turkey, are not so different from the residents of Raleigh and North Carolina. The Turkish people love their green spaces, too. The rioting, which has been going on for over five days, began with a peaceful protest to protect their beloved Gezi Park from becoming a shopping center development. Sound familiar?

But this peaceful opposition soon grew into a series of anti-government demonstrations with tens of thousands of citizens. The chief criticism of the Turkish people is that the government is not representing the people. They say the problem is that in their democracy, they have a dictator.

Well, North Carolina now has a similar problem. Gov. Pat McCrory and his cronies do not listen to the people of North Carolina, either. They mock and make fun of the protesters who just want to be heard. They pass laws without really caring about the effect they will have on the residents they were elected to serve.

But 2014 is closer than they think. Even Republicans will remember who took their Medicare and unemployment checks, and the list goes on.

Carolyn Davis


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