Evan K. Miller: McCrory a puppet

June 13, 2013 

McCrory a puppet

“Moral Mondays” and the state budget process are getting a lot of press these days, revealing much about the character of the players and their motives, while causing great concern about the direction of our state.

The house budget seems reasonable and fairly balanced, although it shifts the tax burden downward as expected. Fortunately this is the budget supported by Gov. Pat McCrory, as the Senate plan is an abomination straight out of the tea party playbook.

But just when McCrory seems to be taking a reasonable, moderate turn, we hear that the Monday demonstrators are “outsiders,” their work “unlawful” and “unacceptable.” Others on the right have called them mobsters and worse. This is America, not Syria or Turkey.

When the governor relents on his foolish, stubborn decision not to expand Medicaid, then we will know that he is about the people’s work, and we’ll know whose governor he really is.

Evan K. Miller


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