Julia Myers: Safety shunned by legislation

June 13, 2013 

Deaf lawmakers

Words cannot adequately express my anger and disgust with the recent vote on House Bill 937. The bill will lift restrictions on handguns in public places, including restaurants, schools, parks and playgrounds, and remove the requirement for a permit before purchasing a handgun.

Why are the legislators not listening to the majority of North Carolinians, who support permits for gun purchases? Permits and background checks help keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who are mentally unstable. Do we really want to open up gun purchases to anyone, regardless of their backgrounds or mental competence?

Why do legislators think they know more about campus security than the college presidents and campus police chiefs from all 17 of the UNC schools, who are united in their opposition to allowing guns on college campuses? Putting guns into an environment with impulsive youth and the prevalence of alcohol will surely lead to tragedy.

Why do legislators think that playgrounds will be safer if guns are present? Do we really want to provide an opportunity for someone to shoot a gun on a playground where children are present?

This bill is shameful, and it endangers all N.C. families and communities.

Julia Myers, Raleigh

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