Connie Domino: Share, enjoy the wealth

June 13, 2013 

Share, enjoy the wealth

I am responding to the writer of the May 19 letter “Get over it” who said that North Carolina is a red state and that current lawmakers are replacing laws that past legislatures made removing “personal responsibility, the dignity of hard work and reliance on oneself.”

N.C. is a purple state, not a red state. The past legislatures and governors (including Jim Martin, a Republican) have worked hard to ensure the working and middle class people have had an opportunity to share in the prosperity and wealth that bringing business to our state achieved .

I am more concerned that hard-working people have bought into this type of propaganda. Let me decodify their words. “Personal responsibility and reliance on oneself” means the politicians take all the money, give it to themselves first (see the personal raise they received) and their wealthy supporters, second.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We have all worked hard to create wealth and prosperity in this state, and we should all enjoy it.

Connie Domino, Raleigh

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