Make the most of a master bath

Scripps Howard News ServiceJune 14, 2013 

The master bath is the most important in the house and should be the most elaborate as far as comfort is concerned.


The master bathroom is usually a haven for refreshing and relaxing yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own personal space.

The master bath is the most important in the house and should be the most elaborate as far as comfort is concerned. Here are some tips for decorating that room:

Color: It should flow from the master bedroom so there is a seamless transition from the comfort of the bedroom to the refreshment of the bathroom. If you prefer wallpaper, one pattern for the master bedroom with a complementary one for the bath is ideal. But it is not necessary to have paper in both spaces. If you don’t like that much paper, put it in one room and use a complementary color in the other.

Tiles: How do the tiles in the bathroom look? Are they in need of repair? Do they look dirty no matter how much you scrub them? If so, you should spend money to repair or replace them. Dirty, messy bathroom tiles make the entire room look dirty, no matter how clean it is.

Faucets: Because we are replacing things, how about the faucets? Are they in good condition? Do they look good? Faucets can be expensive, but they also can be inexpensive yet attractive. Visit your local hardware store, and you will see a variety of faucets at reasonable prices.

Storage: How is the storage in your master bathroom? Never enough, right? If wall space permits, attach shelves to the wall for storage. Make them deep shelves if possible. You can have more than towels on the shelf if you get baskets and put things in them. Use decorative baskets for items you don’t have other storage places for.

Linens: Speaking of towels, how about some new ones? This room is your luxury room, so go ahead and get those large, plush towels. They not only make your bathing nice, but also they look great. Choose one or more towel colors that complement the colors in the bedroom and the bathroom.

Accents: If you have space, candles around the tub are nice, as are candles or family pictures on the counter. An attractive bowl filled with artisan soaps works, too. You can get creative here as long as you don’t overdo it. Avoid clutter.

If there is space left on the walls, wall decor is in order. A small picture over the water closet always looks good. A picture hung over the towel rack also helps the room look attractive.


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