Don Stedman: Common Core does its job

June 14, 2013 

Common Core does its job

Both Bill Harrison, one of the most experienced and respected educators in our state, and Jim Goodnight, one of the most thoughtful and perceptive businessmen on the globe, are right to support the Common Core for North Carolina’s public schools (Point of View and letter to the editor, June 14).

Not only does the Common Core provide opportunities for continuous academic improvement and comparisons of student performance within and between states, it strengthens and increases student choice among career path and vocational and professional job options. Overlooked in all the talk about controlling admissions and directing students toward studies that lead to “jobs of the moment,” is the right of all students to choose their future studies and careers, even if there is currently a “glut in the market.”

The Common Core provides an academic foundation that allows for more and better options on the educational and vocational road ahead.

The legislative itch against the Common Core is misguided at best. I’m beginning to think that the sign in front of our Museum of Natural Sciences, “Dinosaurs in Motion,” might better be planted on the front lawn of the Legislative Building.

Don Stedman, Chapel Hill

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