Bruno Toffolo: Look past criticism

June 14, 2013 

Look past criticism

I was bothered to see Rep. Grier Martin quoted in a June 11 news story “House OKs changes to school elections” saying, “The only folks who are crying for this are folks whose side lost in the ... last election. ” He was commenting on Senate Bill 325 which, among other things, redraws Wake County school districts.

I was bothered because very similar words have been used by some on the other side to condemn the “Moral Monday” demonstrations.

Is Senate Bill 325 all bad? In addition to redrawing districts, it creates two regional positions, so that voters can choose two members to the board. It also moves elections from October of odd-numbered years to November of even-numbered years, encouraging greater voter participation. It also drops the requirement that a candidate win a majority among a field of multiple candidates, eliminating the need for run-off elections.

Are the “Moral Monday” demonstrations all bad? They certainly bring additional focus to areas potentially glossed over. I’m not naive enough to think we live in a perfect world, but I think we can be more constructive in bridging our differences than just calling the other side wrong.

Bruno Toffolo, Raleigh

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