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Sheon@SheonTheStylist.comJune 15, 2013 

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    Photos by Juli Leonard.

    Clothing and accessories from Fab’rik boutique (, Cameron Village shopping center, Raleigh.

    Hairstyle and cut by Cara Harrison, color by Alley Biehl and makeup by Katie Hu, Samuel Cole salon (, 8511 Colonade Center Drive, Suite 120, Raleigh

    Do you want to feel and look better with an updated style? Email, and describe your style challenge to nominate yourself for a makeover.

Now that Debbie Jones of Apex is 50, it’s time she started feeling fabulous. Timid about changing her style, she’s been stuck in a rut. “I just have had the same hairdo for years upon years upon years,” said Jones, a married accountant who works in Cary at TWR, a nonprofit Christian media organization. ”I wanted to change that, but I’ve been afraid to do it.” I showed her how to dress with pizzazz while staying age-appropriate and true to herself.

Before This outfit makes me sad. Unfortunately, it’s popular, easy to find and just plain frumpy. Cropped pants shorten the leg and make you look squatter; denim crops look even dowdier. A black T-shirt is too harsh to flatter most complexions. And the black mules are outdated, adding zero style. Plus, you drag them around because they’re loose. Debbie deserves much, much better. This blonde hair color doesn’t suit Debbie’s complexion and draws too much attention to her naturally dark brows.

Hair and makeup Debbie got the star treatment at Samuel Cole salon, where stylists cut off several inches of her hair to bring it up near chin-level. Bumble and bumble and Oribe products were used as her dyed-at-home blonde was changed to a deeper auburn brown. The color and highlights on her crown add shine and dimension. Her eyebrows were shaped to better frame her eyes. Then, MAC products, including foundation, concealer, eye shadows, lipstick and blush, were used to pretty up her complexion and give her a sophisticated update.

After: Little white jacket Here’s a look that’s office-appropriate, but stylish enough for a night out. The white blazer with cascading lapel detail ($74) pairs beautifully with the Glam patterned sleeveless top ($54). The wide-leg linen pants ($68) give Debbie a long leg line, which is further shown off with coral wedge sandals ($34). The Urban Expressions bag ($98) is functional and shows personality. The drop earrings ($12) and Fabulina Designs’ stretch bracelets in white ($48), teal ($39) and brown ($36) add more glamour.

After: Summer style This outfit is a summer workhorse, suitable for running errands, a cookout, meeting friends or a casual dinner out. White skinny jeans ($176) are a good way to show off great legs without showing skin. The Glam scoop-neck blouse ($58) has vivid color and a flattering shape. The anchor-knot necklace ($28) fills in the neckline nicely. The drop earrings ($12) and Fabulina Designs’ stretch bracelets complement the blouse’s colors. The mint and cream envelope clutch ($62) and black and ivory sandals ($28) look modern and stylish.

The reaction Kudos to Samuel Cole salon for giving Debbie the VIP treatment and hundreds of dollars in free hairstyling and makeup. Debbie choked up later talking about how special the stylists made her feel. “I had such a wonderful experience, and everyone I met was so kind and helpful,” she said. “This really gave me a push to making a change. Thank you for the wonderful job you did with my makeover.”

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