Lea Bingham: Familiar protesters

June 15, 2013 

Familiar protesters

An “outsider”? This is a surprising accusation to someone who has raised a family in North Carolina and has been teaching North Carolina students for 20 years.

When I looked around at the crowd at “Moral Monday,” I recognized neighbors, parents of my children’s friends, local school board members and clergy. All of us are North Carolinians who love this state. All of us passionately believe that legislation must benefit all North Carolinians, not just the wealthy. And all of us speak for those who cannot make the trip to Raleigh – every resident who attends or has a child in the public schools, community colleges or UNC-system schools; all the North Carolinians who would be forced to pay regressive taxes on groceries and prescription drugs; and all people in need of access to health care and jobless benefits.

The real outsiders are elected officials who fail to support policies that promote the common good for all. I urge all residents to come to the next “Moral Monday” demonstration. They’ll be surprised how many people they know.

Lea Bingham


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