Brenda Cleary: Protests part of America

June 15, 2013 

An American right

Although defending his absolute right to free speech, I felt moved to respond to the June 9 letter “Mob wars.”

I was among the Monday “mob” as the writer describes it. I was genuinely humbled and honored to join a thousand other North Carolinians of all ages and various racial and ethnic groups and from all walks of life – peacefully assembled to advocate fairness, equality and justice for all. Activists rarely squander our right to vote, as was intimated by the letter writer.

But following recent gerrymandering (and I acknowledge that both parties have used this maneuver for political purposes over the years), it became nearly impossible for moderates or progressives to win in many state House and other races.

That Americans can criticize public policy viewed as detrimental to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (without fear of retribution) is a hallmark of a democracy. And if we fail to preserve this human right, it is then that we become vulnerable to a dictatorship or regime that crushes the rights of the people.

Brenda Cleary


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