Patrick Conway: Blust thinking ‘wrong way’

June 15, 2013 

‘Wrong way’ Blust

Regarding the June 4 article “ ‘Moral Monday’ achieves mass”: “I think of it,” Rep. John Blust said, “like Carolina playing at Duke. I’m not going to let the Cameron Crazies throw off my game.”

Blust used this sports analogy in commenting on the “Moral Monday” protests in Raleigh in May and June. As a North Carolina fan, I approve his choice of blue.

I want to remind him, though, that governing is not supposed to be a game. Games have winners and losers, by design: When the Tar Heels sink those foul shots at Cameron, they’re doing so in part to make the Cameron Crazies lose. Our legislature should represent all of North Carolina, and the motivation of legislation shouldn’t be to make any group lose – whether Democrats, the poor, the disabled, the middle class, veterans or pregnant teenagers.

If Blust wants a sports analogy, he should choose Roy “Wrong Way” Riegels, whose teammates screamed at him as he ran more than 60 yards toward his own end zone. The “Moral Mondays” protesters are Blust’s teammates, and he’s heading the wrong way!

Patrick Conway

Chapel Hill

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