Lewis Walston: UNC’s reputation tarnished

June 15, 2013 

UNC’s tarnished rep

Now that the claim that the scandal at the University of North Carolina was solely an academic one has been debunked, can we expect to see the university spend a half million more on public relations?

I wonder that the school cannot think of a more productive way to use hundreds of thousands of dollars. I keep puzzling as to what the point the expensive public relations advice is. The academic part would appear to be easy to fix. Is the money to deflect attention from the athletics part to preserve the illusion that the accomplishments of the football teams, the basketball teams and the baseball teams were made with student-athletes operating under the same rules as their opponents?

But now that we know that athletes at UNC apparently could be recruited without regard to academic preparedness and kept eligible with the complicity of at least one department chair, how can we admire their championships, their artificially elevated APR and their graduation rates of athletes? Can a half million more buy back their reputation?

Lewis Walston, Fayetteville

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