Grace Stroud: GOP not behaving like Christians

June 16, 2013 

GOP Christians?

To follow up on some of Susan L. Eder’s thoughts in her well-written June 3 Point of View “Regressive legislature lacking empathy,” I wanted to describe what happened to my sister.

Two years ago she began receiving disability for a condition that was no fault of her own. I strongly encouraged her to apply for Medicaid because she lost her health insurance. She qualified for Medicaid and, unfortunately, soon after was diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery and chemotherapy followed. Without Medicaid I am not sure what she would have done. What if she were one of those North Carolinians who will be denied Medicaid coverage?

During a presidential debate when one conservative was asked what he would do about the uninsured, a few individuals in the audience shouted, “Let ’em die.” Does that mean they would just let my sister die? Would that happen in North Carolina?

The ultra-conservative GOP discussed making Christianity the state religion. I do not think Jesus Christ would have turned his back on the poor, the disabled and the less-fortunate who live among us.

Grace Stroud


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