William Holliday: No logic to gun bills

June 17, 2013 

No logic to gun bills

Regarding the proposals in the state Senate, I just want to ask one question: Has the Senate, and the state House, taken complete leave of their senses?

I am all in favor of gun rights, though I disagree that the Second Amendment guarantees such to the extent that some would say. However, there is no logical reason to do away with steps that protect the common good.

Measures such as background checks – anywhere and everywhere – prohibition of guns on school property and county sheriff’s issuance of permits provide some safety to the public from those who are not law-abiding citizens as well as law-abiding citizens who might need some time to “cool off.”

I am beginning to think that we have flat out elected not trustees of the people but individuals who have figuratively, and literally, put their heads in the sand.

North Carolina is losing her reputation as a progressive state as this General Assembly continues to make one asinine decision after another!

William Holliday


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