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Weigl: Readers respond to foods that make you go ‘yuck'

andrea.weigl@newsobserver.comJune 18, 2013 

Lutefisk. Braunschweiger. Hog jowl. Peanut butter and bologna sandwiches. Sliced banana and mayonnaise on white bread.

Those are just a few of the foods that readers wrote to me about in response to my last column. I had shared about how my family would eat the occasional unusual breakfast, including hot dogs and scrambled eggs with sautéed egg noodles. Those choices would generate a “yuck” from others, including my classmates and my husband.

As I suspected, my family is not alone in our yuck-inducing food traditions. I have heard from dozens of readers. People wrote emails. People left voicemail messages. Here are a couple of the responses:

Ann Collins of Lillington wrote: “It made me think of my mother who was one of the best cooks ever. I don’t think she ever cooked anything that people didn’t rush to eat. She passed away in 1983 and people still talk about her delicious cooking. When I was very young, she would make sandwiches with cow’s tongue (canned) and I thought they were delicious but I am sure some of this generation would go ‘yuck.’ I wish I could ask her about them.”

Kathy Rodgers of Raleigh wrote: “I got such a chuckle out of your column, and it immediately brought back memories of yucky food in our family. My mom was raised on a farm in Durham County, so always had a jar or two of pickled pigs’ feet on the top shelf of the kitchen pantry. I hated to even open that pantry door! She also fixed ‘milk toast’ when anyone wasn’t feeling well, which was heated milk over a piece of well-buttered toast, which became very mushy.”

Rodgers continues: “My dad was raised in the city, but his mom had a milk cow, vegetable garden and fruit trees, so she made their buttermilk, butter, canned vegetables and jams, all while working as a nurse and raising five children. Wow! So dad would fix a concoction of a glass of buttermilk with crumbled-up cornbread in it, and eat it with a long-handled spoon. I remember saying ‘Yuck’ so many times watching them eat their ‘special’ foods!”

I love these stories. I have received so many that I plan to pull together many of the stories for a long feature in the Wednesday food section next month. So be on the lookout for that piece – and in the meantime, keep sending your stories.

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