Robert Dalton: N.C. in tax middle

June 18, 2013 

In tax middle

I read with interest the writing of your new columnist, Marc Landry, in his June 12 piece “Our dubious No. 1 rank: in tax rate.”

As he made the case for North Carolina’s being a high tax income state, especially on the first dollar, and unfavorably compared us with California, he omitted at least two pertinent items.

One, many of us don’t pay taxes at the nominal rate because of deductions and credits.

Two, Landry ignored the overall tax burden, which takes into account all state and local taxes. According to the Tax Foundation with data as of 2010, North Carolina ranks 17th in overall tax burden, while California leads us at fourth. USA Today updates the figures. California is still fourth and North Carolina is still 17th. Moreover, in the USA Today story, North Carolina ranks 28th in state and local taxes paid per capita.

Concluding his inaugural column, Landry asks, “Wouldn’t it be nice to be in the middle of the pack for a change?” In fact, North Carolina is.

Robert Dalton


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