Chris Lowell: Gun bill will help

June 18, 2013 

Gun bill will help

We should agree that our existing political system and government are a direct result of taking up arms against Great Britain years ago. This happened because firearms existed then, as now.

Firearms cannot be regulated out of U.S. society because doing so would create a higher percentage of firearms in the hands of the criminal population (they don’t follow the rules).

Then they can take up firearms against a peaceful and functional government and its citizens.

A “good guy with a gun” near a “bad guy with a gun” seems preferable to “nobody with a gun” but the bad guy.

Additionally, I think key points are glossed over about House Bill 937.

It strengthens background checks by requiring quicker reporting of mental health issues.

It eliminates someone purchasing a pistol permit as a loophole to background checks.

Also, most every one of the bill changes are for law-abiding citizens (via background checks, fingerprinting and passing a class to be a concealed carry permit holder).

Finally, restaurant concealed carrying and drinking any alcohol is still a violation of the law.

Chris Lowell


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