Gordon Uscier: Tax facts not relevant

June 18, 2013 

Irrelevant facts

Just two quick points on Marc Landry’s June 12 column “Our dubious No. 1 rank: in tax rate.”

First, I’m pretty sure that most people would rather pay little or no taxes no matter which political ideals we claim to support. However, many of us realize that we can best accomplish many community (local, state, federal) needs through our governments. So, although we massage and manipulate to pay as little as possible, we do understand that there is a cost to the community services that community members must pay.

Second, it may well be a fact that “North Carolina has the highest rate of income tax on the first taxable dollar,” but it doesn’t mean much. A better, more relevant comparison would be effective income tax rates for each state. But even that is only part of the picture.

Let’s debate the need and costs of community services and how best to fund them, but let’s try to stick to relevant facts.

Gordon Uscier


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