Cameron Figuers: Removing incentive

June 19, 2013 

Removing incentive

As a college senior and potential graduate student applicant, the idea that the GOP government is scheduled to cut the pay-grade increase for public school teachers who earn master’s degrees is misguided.

As a young adult who is going to enter the job market in the next year or so, this just confirms the feelings of worry and apprehension that many of my peers and myself share about life outside of college graduation. Many of my friends who have gone to college in North Carolina have continued to attend graduate school to earn their master’s degrees in education and have given me rave reviews about the program and what it leads to. And once they finish these programs, they stay in North Carolina to teach.

If the government cuts this law, what would be the incentive of me spending around $8,000 to attend graduate school and returning to teach in the North Carolina school system? I could easily go out of state and receive an incentive.

If the Republican government cares at all about retaining young teachers who are enthusiastic about education, they would keep this law in place.

Cameron Figuers, Cary

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