Jim Kraft: Rascals are rascals

June 20, 2013 

Rascals are rascals

The many letters, mostly supporting the protesting groups, bring to mind a comment long ago on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Then the show ended with a short debate between James J. Kilpatrick (conservative) and Shana Alexander (liberal).

Kirkpatrick observed that our political system encompassed a “throw their rascals out so we can throw our rascals in” mentality. It appears North Carolina’s electorate has done just that.

Having seen the hijinks in several past administrations (Mike Easley, Meg Scott Phipps, Jimmy Greene, Tom Black, etc.) we indeed have rascals out. Do we have rascals in? Time will tell, but those in were elected and, to a greater or lesser extent, are pursuing the agenda that put them there. Those rascals.

Jim Kraft


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