Keep oak tree beautiful with a little care

Scripps Howard News ServiceJune 21, 2013 


Oaks live so long and have such appeal in the landscape that planting one becomes a good investment – one that will outlive the house itself if a few special needs are met.


Oaks live so long and have such appeal in the landscape that planting one becomes a good investment. Although oaks are relatively easy to care for, a few tips will help keep them happy and healthy.

“Oaks have special needs,” said arborist Joe Benassini. “They’re adapted to long, wet winters and dry summers. When we landscape and build around them, we need to be very careful how we do that.”

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is planting a lawn too near an oak and then watering the lawn regularly. Eastern oaks are only moderately tolerant of these waterings.

Some other basic rules:

• Maintain the natural grade around the tree, a critical element in preserving the tree’s root system.

• Know the tree’s water, light and nutrient requirements. Oaks need full sun, plenty of room to grow and can adapt to most soils. Mulching the young tree is a good idea. A natural mulch feeds the soil and allows the soil to feed the tree.

• Think compatibility when adding nearby landscape plants. A tree like the eastern dogwood would not be a good companion because its water requirements are different.

• Check on the tree’s health twice a year – in summer for the foliage and in winter for structure. Examine the tree at the root crown where the trunk meets the soil; look for mushrooms, unusual growths, bulges, cracks and flaking bark.

• Don’t over-prune. “Pruning should only be done to manage the growth and safety of the tree,” Benassini said.

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