Hobbies: Create an envelope pillow

Scripps-Howard News ServiceJune 21, 2013 

Envelope pillows are a great project for a meaningful sentiment. Not only will they be a unique gesture, but the recipient can also keep the pillow as a gift.


I love finding special ways of giving someone a message besides the usual letter, email or phone call. To me, a little time and thought put into the presentation of even the simplest greeting makes a huge impact. That’s why these envelope pillows are a great project for a meaningful sentiment.

Not only will they be a special gesture, but the recipient can also keep the pillow as a gift.

When selecting a throw pillow, look for one that will still look good when a fabric envelope covers the middle. Solids, all-over patterns or pillows with border designs work well. I chose a yellow pillow with taped frame design from my Dena Home bedding collection, and paired it with a floral fabric from my Sunshine Linen collection.


• Throw pillow

• Coordinating fabric

• Coordinating felt

• Measuring tape

• Needle and thread

• Scissors

• Iron

• Embellishments like rickrack, ribbon or millinery flowers

• Sewing machine (optional)

Step by step

1 To sew a fabric envelope that is 7 1/2 inches square (which fits nicely on a 14-inch-square pillow), cut an 8 1/2 by 20-inch rectangle from your main coordinating fabric. To create the pointed flap, measure and mark 3 inches down from the shorter edge of your fabric on both sides. Mark the center along the top edge at 4 1/4 inches. Draw angled lines from the 3-inch marks to the center mark, and cut along those lines so the rectangle now comes to a point. Press all the raw edges under 1/2 inch with the iron.

2 Trace this shape onto a piece of felt. You may have to sew pieces of felt together to be long enough. Cut the felt a scant 1/8 inch inside your traced line so the felt is slightly smaller than the pressed fabric.

3 Either by hand or with a machine, sew the felt, wrong sides together, onto the main fabric 3/8 inch away from the pressed edge. Then fold the straight end of the rectangle up 7 inches toward the pointed end, so that you are creating the pocket. Sew the sides of this pocket down and leave the top open. You can now embellish your fabric envelope.

4 Hand-stitch the envelope to the center of the throw pillow. You can measure and mark your placement first. Insert a lovely handwritten note on paper, or even write on plain fabric with a marker.

Fishbein: denadesigns.com

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