Stan Cardwell: No middle environment

June 21, 2013 

No middle environment

While reading the June 16 news story, “Climate talks shifts from curbing CO2 to adapting,” I came away with two amusing thoughts.

One is that Al Gore admitted in his latest book that he was wrong about something regarding global warming. While he won’t admit he was wrong about the cause, he will admit that we need to prepare for it. (Maybe by purchasing his next book?)

The second thing was the offhand quote from NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg who said, “Whether you believe climate change is real or not is beside the point.” I don’t know anybody who doesn’t think climate change is real. The debate is about whether climate change is manmade or not.

When it comes to the enviro-liberals, you’re either with them or you’re wrong, there’s no middle ground.

Stan Cardwell, Raleigh

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